"We are sometimes reluctant to take the time to recognize and appreciate the dedication of people who give so much of their time. Dr. Normand and the Rald Institute have been there every step of the way relentlessly for many, many years supplying ‘a free and appropriate education’ for those who really need it.

People from all walks of life have joined the ranks to support Dr. Normand's vision, which includes counseling, tutoring, Fine Arts, and everyday living experiences. Students have benefited from experts in various fields. The dedication of this staff has shown Dr. Normand's impeccable leadership ability to attract loyal and dedicated people."

Dr. Carl L. Lawson, Sr.
Que Consulting, Inc.
June 2, 2016


"We are so happy that Beverly Normand and Rald Institute Volunteers provide intense interventions for our students and help staff obtain specialized services for students when needed. Thank you, for helping our children!"

Jameelah Brown-Williams, Counselor/Case Manager
Chicago Public Schools
April 27, 2016


"The Rald Institute works very diligently to support educational development that extends into various schools. These interactions include, site-based tutoring, conflict-resolution and art enrichment that address both the academic and social-emotional development of school-aged children. By building, reinforcing and supporting home-school connections, Rald Institute's program is able to enrich the lives of children and provide them with invaluable tools they can use in a variety of situations that empower them to make the world a better place."

Tina Franklin-Bertrand
Primary Years Programme Coordinator
Chicago Public Schools


"My son David encountered a wonderful teacher mentor at Rald Institute. David was diagnosed with a learning disability and failed first grade. Along came Beverly Normand. She taught David to read and comprehend in less than six months. David was scheduled to graduate from Morehouse College in 1997. Unfortunately he and two other boys were killed in a car accident that summer. David had a 3.99 grade point average on a 4.00 system. Morehouse is a prestigious black college devoted to assisting African American males "be all they can be". David was! Beverly continues to be. She offers the quintessential crème de la crème teaching experience through Rald Institute. Let's support Dr. Normand in this most important endeavor!"

Pamela L. Jackson, Ed.D.


"I am taking this online opportunity to share my awareness of the wonderful works of Beverly Ross Normand and agree with someone who said he hoped other teachers would catch what she had. When there were seemingly necessary strikes occurring in the system, Beverly searched until she found a way in an unoccupied space of another building to keep right on trucking with her students, and she did it for no compensation and surely may have taken on additional expense herself. This impressive move prompted me to nominate her for a Golden Apple Award for which she more than qualified. She was honored in a festive celebration of her retirement from Chicago Public Schools and had many musical tributes by performers Samantha Wolf, Scydonia Walls, Dr. Carl Lawson, Malachi Thompson, Ari Brown, Terry Ross, Kirk Brown, Willie Pickens, and others. I had a musical tribute in the form of a piece composed a year or so ago for Native American flute entitled, New Beginnings. The best to you, Beverly".

D. Murphy-Peyton


"I want to thank Rald Institute and Beverly Normand for all of the free services given to the children and staff at Bouchet Academy during the 2006-09 school years. Dr. Normand allowed me to become an intern and learn the Response to Intervention/School Based Problem Solving process. She serviced pupils enrolled at Rald Institute as well as other at-risk children at our school."

Delphine Hill, School Based Team, Bouchet Academy
"Rald Institute began as a summer program to help learning disabled children stay focused over the summer.  The children were not eligible for extended school year at the time.  Two of my children attended.  Rald Institute provided them individual and group learning.  My children were able to focus on math and reading, as well as art.  Rald Institute helped foster their independence, build self-esteem, and create leadership ability.  My eldest child developed excellent math skills through this program and was able to later join Dr. Hawkins at the University of Chicago and graduate from college.  He is now a Computer Technician.  My other son who attended Rald is now a Journeyman, building his own business.  Rald Institute provided my children with a safe environment, along with caring, supportive people who encouraged them to focus on positive, rather than negative outcomes."
Rosie Muhammad
 "Beverly Normand, of the Rald Institute was a valuable asset to the Powell Academy.  She came in to provide support services for a student with adjustment problems.  She provided support to the entire class and the primary building.  She provided technical assistance to administrators and other staff persons and was full of wisdom and useful advice.  We were very happy to have her work with us, and hope that she will be able to help us in the future."
 Marcia Davis
Case Manager,
Adam Clayton Powell Academy 
 "A parent who was desperately seeking assistance for her child was assisted when a Rald Institute representative arrived at the O. W. Holmes School and helped clarify issues and obtain evaluation for the child, who was subsequently determined to need special education services.  Rald provided frequent school visits, worked with the student, parent, case manager, teacher, administrator, other staff, and even arranged for special Saturday inclusion workshop sessions for transitional services in the pupil's area of interest.
I want to thank Rald Institute for continuous efforts and total dedication to students in our schools."
Denise Singleton, Special Education Teacher/Case Manager
Chicago Public Schools
"I want to personally thank Beverly Normand and all at the Rald Institute.  My child was having great difficulty in the 1st grade.  I asked Beverly Normand for help, and with her and the others at the Rald Institute, it was a great success.  My daughter has been an honor roll student ever since, and scores in the top percentile on state and countrywide tests.  She has even been promoted to the gifted program at her school.  So, thank you so much Rald Institute, for your love, concern and dedication to the children who come through your doors."
 Khalilah Perkins
“Professor Normand and Rald Institute – Thank you so much for your support for children and families at our school during the 2007-2008 school year. Thank you for your voice for those who have little, or no voice. Herbert Spencer said that, ‘the great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.’  Thanks for your action!”
 Williette Price – Literacy Coach - Chicago Public Schools

“I am a teacher at a public school. This was a very difficult year for me. I am so grateful for all of the help and support that Beverly Normand and her staff provided for me. Normand and her staff worked with 13 at-risk students with reading and social skills difficulties. Some students moved from non-readers to independent readers. The students would not have made it without the help of Rald Institute.
Ms. Nash – Chicago Public Schools

“Dr. Normand came to the rescue of one of my third grade pupils this year. The student needed emergency intervention to address emotional, social and academic needs. Normand helped us get the appropriate services for the student and parents.”

Dr. Marcy – Chicago Public Schools

“I want to thank Rald Institute and Beverly Normand for giving me a job, training me, and helping me to get the job I really wanted. God bless all of you!”

Arlean King

"Thank you so much for helping our child and our family members when we really needed it. Thank you for going beyond the call of duty. It has made a wonderful difference in our lives."
Milton Allen-Pitts Family, Chicago, IL
Harriett Allen Williamson Family - Winnabow, NC
"For the past few years, my daughter has been attending Rald Institute's classes, learning to paint and draw using different types of mediums and learning art history. She enjoys these classes and has had the opportunity to learn from many different experienced artists who have a variety of skills and styles. Classes are conveniently scheduled to provide options on days students are not in school. The Director, Beverly Normand, is very kind and provides a safe and supportive environment for children to learn."

Matina Lutfi - Chicago, IL
"I want to thank Rald Institute for helping my son during his early teen years.  I mean this from the bottom of my heart."

Deborah Walder - Chicago, IL

"We thank Rald Institute for years of in-kind services to help preschoolers with special needs, as well as other children and their families."

South Shore United Methodist Church Day Care/Head Start - Chicago, IL
Clara Maynie, Director
Patricia Payne, Social Worker
Bettye Turner, Retired Director

"Beverly Normand has been an inspiration to me since I met her in 2000. I was a substitute teacher and she was kind enough to give me all of the assessment information I needed for my students. I took my practical knowledge from my education and walked into a special education classroom. I had the support of Beverly, which allowed me to help my students reach their full potential. I taught my first special needs students from sixth grade to high school. I was able to help two of them enroll in a junior college away from Chicago. That proved to me that, with support and a strong foundation, students with learning disabilities can achieve.

Thank you, Beverly, for allowing God to use you. I thank Him for allowing me to meet you.

Beverly Normand inspired me to obtain my Masters in Special Education, pass the state Type 75 Test, and obtain a second masters degree in School Leadership and Administration. Beverly was not only teaching; she practiced what she taught!"

Glenda Liner - Chicago Public Schools