"Helping at-risk and disabled children and individuals"

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More than likely, someone you know has benefitted from at least one of the many programs that Rald provides.  Since our inception in 1988, we have provided free services for thousands of at riisk and disabled children and their families.  Services include assessment, clinical teaching, behavior management programs, and inclusive art programs.  Historically, Rald has offered seminar and training opportunities for teachers, health care professionals and parents.  In recent years, to proviide even more accessiible services, Rald  has proviided in-kind services at some of the schools where Rald children are enrolled.
Increased violence and wider economic disparities have created greater urgency for Rald Institute volunteers to strengthen children in our community.  Through Rald partnerships, we draw on nearly a quarter century of experience to respond to the unprecedented needs of children, especially those affected by adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).
Your support will allow us to continue and even expand our services. Please use PayPal to make a donation today.  Another way to help us is to purchase art from our Art Auction page. 
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To view a Rald workshop and see Rald Institute in action, click the links below to watch youtube  in 2015 or WLS Channel 7's coverage of them on the "Someone You Should Know" segment, taped at on February 19th, 2008:

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